I’m currently in 2039 on my FM save.

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable year of FM, despite a 5-3 loss to Fafe in December resulting in the death of my hard-drive and loss of all my saves.

I started a save using legendary FM16 Venezia Jacob Hansen as the manager profile. I accomplished great success, reaching 6 Champions League finals and winning 3.

After the 2037-38 season, where I won the Champions League with Real Madrid, I decided to introduce some variation to the save. I added a son, Marcel, as a 32-year-old. I think it is realistic that a 57-year-old would have a son aged 32, considering Cristiano Ronaldo’s son was born in 2010 when he was 25.

I installed Marcel at the Castilla, motored through a season (took ages) winning the league with both managers, and now Marcel will take up the Duisburg job for 2039-40 and onwards. If you want to follow Marcel’s progress, I will tweet regularly about him on my Twitter.

Hopefully, that explains the ‘Hansen Dynasty’ part of the title.

Onto the ‘Managerial Development’ aspect.

This series will follow the progress of a set of regen managers all connected to the Hansen Dynasty, all of these managers have come through at clubs managed by Jacob.

I was inspired by this graphic:


I want to compile a similar tree for Jacob Hansen by the end of this series. We will follow the progress of several ex-players and coaches managed during Hansen’s managerial era.

I tweeted about this a while ago:


I started doing this a while ago when I was at FC Bayern. Nuno Nogueira and Fernando Moura were managers of FC Bayern U19s and eventually took up senior coaching jobs. I will show you screenshots from earlier seasons so we can start part one of the series from the same date.


I have a feeling this guy will end up having a huge career. Like most of these managers, I used the staff search to find young managers with good attributes and Moura, a lower-league Portuguese goalkeeper, had very good attributes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In screenshot 1, we can see Moura got the Dinamo Zagreb job, a high-pressure job as anything less than a league win would lead to the sack. Moura got Zagreb after winning the U19 League and UEFA Youth League with my Bayern U19s. He was pulling away in the league when West Ham took him to the Olympic Stadium to hopefully revive their fortunes.

Nuno Nogueira

A youth product of Vitoria Guimaraes when Hansen was in charge, I gave him his first chance as a player, promoting him to the Guimaraes first team after selling Colombian striker William Ramirez to Arsenal for £37m, then his first chance in management, getting the role the season before Moura. I wish I had taken screenshots when both were still at the club. Nogueira is nowhere near Moura attribute-wise, but I was inclined to give him the job because of the history between Nogueira and Hansen.

Nogueira (1).png

Nogueira went to Hannover after FC Bayern U19s, then got a very good job at Bayer Leverkusen. Hopefully, success beckons for my former player.

In the next update, I will introduce the other managers appointed by Hansen, and potentially some former players of the Hansen Dynasty.

Thank you for reading.


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